Danse de Lumière ∙ Dance of Light

presented by the Hologram Foundation (Paris) and Center for the Holographic Arts (New York)

Michael Bleyenberg, Patrick Boyd, Lana Briscella,
Pascal Gauchet, Setsuko Ishii and Fred Unterseher

Six artists selected through an international competition to produce major new holographic works

May 27th – June 18th, 2017
Galerie 24b ∙ 24 bis rue Saint Roch 75001

New York
September 1st – October 1st, 2017
HoloCenter Summer Museum ∙ Governors Island

Artworks sculpted in light combine elements of colour, depth and visual space.  Drawing on a range of inspirations and from various backgrounds six artists employ holography for its dynamics of space and light.  As Setsuko Ishii describes ‘Spinning colours of light are threads that become a malleable form like clay.’

Each hologram creates a distinct choreography of light, and invites the viewer into a dance of implicit and explicit dynamics. The undulation of light and the movement of the body fold and unfold in the composition of these holographic scenes. The hologram offers artists extra dimensions that catch and shape these dynamics.

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Fred Unterseher
Kinetic Figures
Setsuko Ishii
Fragment of Nature – Landscape
Pascal Gauchet
Vanishing memories
Patrick Boyd
Morris Dancers
Michael Bleyenberg
Lana Briscella
Celestial Ballerina