Alexandra Carr Meanwhile Space LIGHT WINDOWS installation

Alexandra Carr

Meanwhile Space

LIGHT WINDOWS in Gateshead, England
After dark, from around 9pm, 15th -17th May

A suspension of being and not being. With and without form, present in flow, with echoes abounding in the meanwhile space. Fragments collect, flickerings of clarity and comprehension float away and shift out of focus. We’re contained, we embrace, we dissolve and accept to return to this primal need to seek comfort in being. Being inward, being outward, being nothing, being everything, being present.

Meanwhile Space explores cognitive dissonance of contradictory states of consciousness through the boundary of materiality and immateriality. The contradiction of gaining solace from presence and control while simultaneously craving the freedom and chaos of oblivion, is presented through the use of light and the paradox implied in the wave particle duality.

Alexandra Carr, 2020