Léopoldine Dupuy-Chausse & Fabian Gental

Nervous Breakdown

LIGHT WINDOWS, 4 place Haute-Vienne 87000 Limoges, FRANCE
8-11PM – MAY 2ND, MAY 9TH, MAY 16TH, MAY 23RD, MAY 30TH

Nervous Breakdown is a project resulting from a collaboration between two French artists, Léopoldine Dupuy-Chausse and Fabian Gental.

Léopoldine Dupuy-Chausse is a visual artist whose creative techniques are multidisciplinary, from the pictorial practice to the digital dimension. Her dreamlike work plunges the spectator in front of chimeric creatures into a kind of phantasmagorical world. The notion of light is omnipresent in her work, as a frontier between the real and the imaginary. Color sets the tone and harmony of his projects, as the key element to decode his work.

Fabian Gental is a visual artist as well as an artistic director, member of various collectives and administrator of Astre, the visual arts network in New Aquitaine. His artistic production is marked by the use of electronic tinkering and graphic software. His work focuses on the decomposition of the image where light becomes his palette.

These two different approaches come together and are reflected in the installation Nervous Breakdown. The capture brought by one is deconstructed and altered by the other. Elaborated during the period of confinement in France, the artists used the materials they had in their homes to create this project.

Like the materialization of an exploration of a dreamer’s subconscious. This fantasy world is blended into the use of bright colours reminiscent of kaleidoscopic scales. We wander through the images to find a meaning in this chao, revealing itself as we go along, being a prism of reality. A film with hallucinatory dimensions in which the current events due to recent events manifest themselves. The image goes from a chimerical character to shots of distant landscapes that have unfortunately become inaccessible. The skipping of images and the alteration of the latter betray a certain psychological tension due to the current situation.