Looking for a new home
Queens Clock Tower

Ellen Harvey, ‘Look Up, Not Down’ 2006
glass mosaic at Queens Plaza station

The Clock Tower building has been sold bringing an end to the Holocenter at this location.

We are looking for a new space – please contact us if you have any potential venues for the gallery, the library and archive or where we could build up a teaching and production studio.

The current show <<Uncertain Worlds>> will be on display Fridays and Saturdays 2-6pm until April 5, if you have not seen it yet do yourself a favor and come visit.

And join us on April 11 from 8pm for an extravagant closing night, with projections, lenticulars, holograms, performers and music throughout the venue.

The vault gallery will be open until April 12.

Then stayed tuned for pop-up exhibitions until we find a new home.