Rayvel supports the Center For The Holographic Arts 2002 – 2006

Rayvel Holographics supported the Holocenter allowing for the continuation of the artist in residency program as well as facilitating collaborative projects.

Research and development was conducted on Rayvels patented Narrow Angle Hologram technology: a hologram that reconstructs from a perpendicular light source as opposed to the traditional angle of ~45° from overhead.  This technology is used in their HoLocator product line: holographic street address numbers that illuminate from the headlight of an oncoming vehicle. At the Holocenter a stereogram system for creating Moving Video Holograms (MVH™) was constructed. Large format holograms were also produced for trade show displays.  Clients included Joining Technologies Medical Devices, Doughmaker’s Cookie Company, and a portrait of American music icon Tony Bennett for Sennheiser Electronic Corporation.