Optics Camp

Optics Camp enables students to engage with light and imaging techniques


Currently avaible for visiting school and summer camps groups at the HoloCenter on Governors Island

Hands-on workshops for groups of 6-12 students are offered

For larger groups we can run simultaneous workshops or give a tour and demonstration

Activities include:

Make a hologram, light and color, make a kaleidoscope, sculptures in polarized light, image multiplication and make a spectroscope


We can accommodate groups for single sessions as well as whole day and multi-week programs

Optics Camp usually takes place on Wednesdays (June 14 – September 27 in 2017) other dates may be possible

please contact info@holocenter.org to arrange your groups visit or if you can support this program


More student opportunities:

SPIE Hands-on-Optics – activity guides
Photon Camp –The Institute of Optics at university of Rochester, for high school juniors and seniors

This program is made possible by Education outreach support from SPIE