Optics Camp

Optics Camp enables students to engage with light and imaging techniques


Currently avaible for visiting school and summer camps groups at the HoloCenter on Governors Island

Hands-on workshops for groups of 6-12 students are offered

For larger groups we can run simultaneous workshops or give a tour and demonstration

Activities include:

Make a hologram, light and color, make a kaleidoscope, sculptures in polarized light, image multiplication and make a spectroscope


We can accommodate groups for single sessions as well as whole day and multi-week programs


Optics Camp usually takes place on Wednesdays (June 14 – September 27 in 2017) other dates may be possible

–We are currently seeking sponsorship for this program the form of materials and and funding to reduce economic barriers to excellence–

please contact info@holocenter.org to arrange your groups visit or if you can support this program


More student opportunities:

SPIE Hands-on-Optics – activity guides
Photon Camp –The Institute of Optics at university of Rochester, for high school juniors and seniors