The Virtual Museum of Holography

We are developing an online, dimensional, comprehensive resource about all aspects of holography. It is the creative result of the urgent need to preserve the history of holography through the use of immersive technology.  

The Virtual Museum of Holography is partnering with an innovative Light Field Company, Visby Inc. who can process large arrays of 2D views of holograms and deliver them as interactive 3D images on demand, into the dimensional environment of the Virtual Museum of Holography.

The Virtual Museum of Holography will have virtual exhibitions of fine art holography as well as permanent exhibitions about the science and the commercial applications. Exhibition openings will be experienced through Virtual Reality as well as Zoom live experiences by anyone anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Many of these virtual exhibitions will be available to museums through a partnership with the HoloCenter and audiences will have the opportunity to view the actual optical holograms themselves. 

For more information contact Linda Law, Founding Director of the Virtual Museum of Holography, at

Images of art holograms by Margaret Benyon; Rudie Berkhout; Ana Maria Nicholson and Sam Moree