Artist Residency and Workshop program

Learn about holography, create holographic art, share your skills and exhibit with the HoloCenter.

We support artist through the following programs:

HoloCenter Summer Museum, Governors Island, NY

  • NEW Light and Space Residency – 2 months
  • Studio Exhibition/Installation – 4-8 weeks (2015 installations) send project description and artist bio to
  • Exhibition of holograms – send a description of your work to to be considered for exhibitions
  • Workshop Leader – stand alone workshop/lecture or course proposal

Pulse Laser Studio at Ohio State University, Columbus, OH (see below)

NEW Artist Award Program – artist grant program from the Hologram Foundation

NEW Tools for Creating in the 4th Dimension – online course with Linda Law

Public workshops and talks are presented at the  HoloCenter on Governors Island–


The Pulse Laser Studio

Artists from around the world come to the Holocenter’s Pulse Laser Studio to make artwork for exhibition.

From 1998-2008 our studio was located in Long Island City, New York.  In 2009 we moved the pulse laser to Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio where a new facility was constructed to house the studio.  In 2012 the program was re-launched.  We now offer both experienced holographic artists the opportunity to produce artwork for exhibition as well as an introductory five day workshop for artist and educators who wish to incorporate holography into their practice.

Iñaki Baguitistain

Iñaki Baguitistain
(AIR Cycle V)

Eva Davidova, Feeding Alice

Eva Davidova, Feeding Alice
(AIR Cycle VI)


(AIR Cycle VI)

Mary Harman, Shelf Life

Mary Harman, Shelf Life
(AIR Cycle I)

Apply for the Pulse Laser Residency and Workshop Program


2015 Artist Residency:
Patrick Boyd (UK)

2015 Workshop Participants:
Elina Baeckman (Finland)
Alexandra Fresch (USA)
Arlinda Henderson (USA)
Hannah Mishin (USA)
Steve Pavlovsky (USA)

2014/15 Artist Residency:
Eric Leiser (USA)

2014/15 Workshop Participants:
Jacci Delancy (USA)
Tess Elliot (USA)
Eric Leiser (USA)
Kayla Lewis (USA)
Fred Needham (USA)

2013 Artist in Residency:
Setsuko Ishii (Japan)

2013 Artistic Development Residencies:
Swann Rack (Germany)
John Also Bennett and Peter Burr (USA)

2013 Workshop Participants:
Carole Brisson (Canada)
Narcís Rovira Castellà (Spain)
Lea Cetera (USA)
Samantha Hookway (Sweden)
Yasmin Than (USA)

2012 Artists in Residence:
Philippe Boissonnet (France/Canada) Video Documentation of the Project
Tristan Duke and Eva Hausam (USA)

2012 Workshop Participants: Video Documentation from the Workshop
John Also Bennett (USA)
Peter Burr (USA)
Leidy Marcela Giraldo Castano (Columbia)
Rachel Garrard (UK)
Ulika Gomm (Sweden)
Guillermo F. Heinze (Germany)
TJ Hospodar (USA)
Rebecca Kale (USA)
Ernesto Lomeli (Mexico)
Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen (Canada/Sweden)
Dora Tass (Italy)

Artists In Residence at the Long Island City Studio 1998-2008

Cycle VIII (2008)
Carroll Brisson (Canada)
Sally Webber (USA)
Paula Dawson (Australia)
Betsy Connors (USA)

Cycle VII (2007)
Pearl John (UK)
Tom Cvetkovich (USA)
Irena Paskali (Macedonia/Germany)
Seth Riskin (USA)

Cycle VI (2003 – 2004)
Yoko Kuroyanagi (Japan)
Xavier Mascaro (Spain/New York)
Martina Mrongovius (Australia)
Eva Davidova (Bulgaria/New York)
Pepe Buitrago (Spain)
Georges Dyens (Canada)

Cycle V (2002 – 2003)
Iñaki Baguitistain (U.K.)
Patrick Boyd  (U.K.)
Paula Dawson (Australia)
Jo Fairfax (U.K.)

Cycle IV (2001 – 2002)
Patrick Boyd (U.K.)
Betsy Connors (USA)
Michael Wenyon  and Susan Gamble (U.K./ USA)
Roberta Booth (USA)
Rudie Berkhout (Holland / USA)
John Mitton (Ireland)
Ana MaCarthur (USA)
Jo Fairfax, Leics (U.K.)
Adriene Klein (USA)
Eva Davidova (Bulgaria / Spain)

Cycle III (2000 – 2001)
Brigitte Burgmer (Germany)
Marie-Christiane Mathieu (Canada)
Setsuko Ishii (Japan)
Ken Dunkley (USA)
Syunsuke Mitamura (Japan)
Sally Weber (USA)
Seth Riskin (USA)
Dieter Jung (Germany)

Cycle II (1999 – 2000)
Georges Dyens (Canada)
Doris Vila (USA)
Philippe Boissonnet (Canada)
Susan Cowels Dumitru (U.K / USA)
Shu Min Lin (Taiwan / USA)
Matthew Schreiber (USA)
Sloan Nota (USA)
Harriet Casdin-Silver (USA)

Cycle I (1998 – 1999)
Margaret Benyon (U.K.)
Dean Heardy (USA)
Mary Herman (Canada)
Sam Moree (USA)
Ikuo Nakamura (Japan / USA)