A history of the future of holography

A lecture and journey into the future and past of holographic art by 'Birth' digital hologram by Lana Blum, commissioned by the Hologram Foundation for IRIDESCENCE Martina Mrongovius.

Followed by the Secret Speakeasy – I Can See for Miles The History of Photography & Film! …especially 3D!


Explore holograms from the HoloCenter collection and an array of wondrous photographic devices from the Museum of Interesting Things.

December 29, 2019 at 4pm

Museum of Interesting Things
177 Prince St, New York, New York 10012


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artwork image ‘Birth’ digital hologram by Lana Blum, commissioned by the Hologram Foundation for IRIDESCENCE

Film for Artists

The HoloCenter and AKS Holographie is offering film for artists.

The film is blue green sensitive tested so far with 532 nm, 512 nm and 488 nm.

Artists may request the film for 100 euros per m² (plus freight and taxes).

It can be cut to size and packed, in whatever format.

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Holograms in Space

At the HoloCenter, C Bangs and Martina Mrongovius are making holograms to go into Space

International Day of Light

Each year on May 16 we celebrate light

Art of Light event at the HoloCenter ON CANAL

International Day of Light, 2019 – artists who create with light will share their work.

Art of Light • Thursday May 16, 6-9pm • HoloCenter | ON CANAL

Artist talks: Eric Leiser ∙ Lindsay Packer ∙ Matthew Schreiber
3D film: GENTLE STORM by Ikuo Nakamura with music by Hayes Greenfield
Performance: OCEAN Shoko Tamai in response to the artwork by Sam Moree
3D projection Maximus Clarke PARTY OF ONE
and screening on loop: PEACE LIGHTS by Pete Rogina and Eileen Cohen
About the speakers:

Matthew Schreiber brings together mischievous humor and technical precision to create otherworldly spaces with laser installations and within holograms. His artworks induce powerful encounters with the potency and mystery of light.

Lindsay Packer plays with the call and response of color and light, form and site in photography, film and video, installations, and improvisational performance. With a spontaneous spirit and non-hierarchical approach to materials and process, she creates immersive environments that are integral to and inseparable from their architectural and sonic contexts.

Working with experimental film, live performance, installation, puppetry painting and holography Eric Leiser explores how animation transforms perception when it is brought together with the space of live action. His fantastical artworks have a surrealistic quality where light takes on crystalline properties.

Image: Shoko Tamai performance – anaglyth 3D photo by Gerald Marks; Matthew Schrieber – ‘Orders of Light’ hologram;
Lindsay Packer – ‘Progress on All Fronts’ pigment print ; Maximus Clarke with anaglyth 3D projection ‘Party of One’

The first International Day of Light in 2017 we shared the work of six artists Elisa Balmaceda, Grant Cutler, Martina Mrongovius, Ray Park, Julia Sinelnikova and Matthew Schreiber with a video in conjunction with the exhibition Artist Photonics

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