presented by the Hologram Foundation (Paris) and Center for the Holographic Arts (New York)

Michael Bleyenberg, Patrick Boyd, Lana Briscella,
Pascal Gauchet, Setsuko Ishii and Fred Unterseher

Six artists selected through an international competition to produce major new holographic works

May 27th – June 18th, 2017
Galerie 24b ∙ 24 bis rue Saint Roch 75001, Paris

September 1st – October 29th, 2017
HoloCenter ∙ Colonels Row 403, Governors Island, New York





Pulse Laser Workshop and Residency

Pulse Laser Holography Workshop OSUOSU 2015 photo by Hannah Mishin

2015 Workshop – photo by Hannah Mishin

Apply to create and learn at the HoloCenter Pulse Laser Studio in conjunction with Ohio State University.

Each year we offer a 5 day group workshop as well as artist production residencies.  During the 5 day course you will learn about holography and make a master hologram with the pulse laser and transfer this into a holographic print.  A pulse laser allows of for capturing live subjects and freezes motion.

The course is designed for artist and educators who want to extend there practice with holography.  No prior experience is required, however preference is given to people who are perusing an understanding of  holography. If possible we suggest taking our ‘make your own hologram’ workshop if you have no prior studio experience.

We also offer residencies for experienced artists with a project that will lead to the exhibition of holographic works.

More details and application instructions can be found here






Winter Studio in Hallet’s Cove,


Come to the Winter Studio for a unique holographic experience, bring an object and capture its photons.

These intimate workshops introduce you to concepts of holography and each participant makes their own hologram.

For more details, to sign up or send a gift card experience,




launching of the Hologram Foundation

A new foundation has been established by Hugues Souparis  (founder of Holographic Industries) to finance and promote holographic art.

Holograms by Jean-François Moreau, Toulon Art Museum, 2015 photo by Pascal Gauchet

Holograms by Jean-François Moreau, from the Hologram Foundation Collection, Toulon Art Museum, 2015 photo by Pascal Gauchet

To support the creation of new works the Hologram Foundation is offering funding to artists. The intention is to enable the production of high quality collectable holograms for people to own.  Half of the works produced* are to be donated back to the Foundation for exhibitions and sales that will assist with promoting and financing future projects.



  • Artistic value
  • Technical quality
  • Simple display design


  • Maximum size 50×60 cm
  • Transmission or reflection


Art & Design

  • Artistic project & concept
  • Display design


  • Technical concept
  • Material uses
  • Lighting

Project organization & cost

  • Practical organization: individual lab, collaboration with university or private lab, etc.
  • Quote for project, including an artist fee
  • Planning

Other sources of funding and support are encouraged however the whole project cost can be requested.
Usually 1/3 of the award is given at the start of the project 1/3 when the first piece is made and 1/3 on project delivery.

Jean-François Moreau, Folie, 1994 vidéo-hologramme, with Kirk Wollford, 20 x 25 cm

Jean-François Moreau, Folie, 1994
vidéo-hologramme, with Kirk Wollford, 20 x 25 cm

*For example if your request is to produce an edition of 6, three of the holograms would be donated back to the Foundation. Likewise if a series of 4 unique but similar works are produced two of these would be given to the Hologram Foundation.


Holographic Art Grant Award – Round 1 Awards

Open call for Round 2 for 2017 production will be announced soon,
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Questions and Submissions to:

Holograms to Homes – PDF of Press Release, January 25, 2016