Apply to learn holography and make holograms in 2019

Want to learn more about holography? Have an art hologram project to create?

The HoloCenter offers a free five day hands-on workshop to drive into holography and learn how to record holograms with a pulse laser.

Pulse Laser Holography Workshop at Ohio State University

For artists working in holography we also grant free access to the pulse laser studio for the production of new artwork.

In partnership with Prof Harris Kagan at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio


Film for Artists

The HoloCenter and AKS Holographie is offering film for artists.

The film is blue green sensitive tested so far with 532 nm, 512 nm and 488 nm.

Artists may request the film for 100 euros per m² (plus freight and taxes).

It can be cut to size and packed, in whatever format.

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Holograms in Space

At the HoloCenter, C Bangs and Martina Mrongovius are making holograms to go into Space

International Day of Light

We are celebrating the first International Day of Light by sharing the work of six artists Elisa Balmaceda, Grant Cutler, Martina Mrongovius, Ray Park, Julia Sinelnikova and Matthew Schreiber


We are really excited to support so many artist make holograms this year.

The 2018 Holographic Art Grant Awards
Philippe Boissonnet (Canada)
Yin-Ren Chang (UK/Taiwan)
Betsy Connors (USA)
Sam Moree (USA)
August Muth (USA)
Ray Park (South Korea)

The Holographic Art Grant is awarded by the Hologram Foundation to support the production costs of high quality art holograms. Look out for these new art holograms at the premiere in Paris this Autumn.

Holographic Art Grant Press Release

Pulse Laser Production Residency

Linnea Rundgren in collaboration with Alex Grey

Pulse Laser Holography Workshop

Tina Kohlmann
Linnea Rundgren
Benedict Scheuer
Allison Wade
Sofy Yuditskaya

The Pulse Laser Holography Workshop and Production Residency are hosted by Professor Harris Kagan at Ohio State University.

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