Rosa Wernecke Reclaim the Streets Light Windows Berlin

Rosa Wernecke

Reclaim the Night

May 11-24, 9pm-1am,

#stayathome, but Reclaim the Night.

#stayathome, but Reclaim the Streets.

# stayathome, but don´t leave invisible, that not everyone has a home.

#stayathome, but don´t leave invisible, that some people are not safe staying at home.

#stayathome, but grab back.

#stayathome, but take up space.

#stayathome, but stay loud.

#stayathome, but take action.

#stayathome, but take care.

#stayathome, but practise solidarity.

Rosa Wernecke also has an ongoing installation in Frankfurt that can be seen through the windows at any time:

Who Reclaims?! – a feminist expedition through the city

Which places make up the feminist city? What are their past, what does their present look like and what do we wish for their future? The video installation follows 12 women from Frankfurt on feminist paths, spanning green screens as surfaces for imagination, asking: What struggles were fought here, what do we hold on to and what spaces do we need for our dreams?