Rosa Wernecke, SHORT CIRCUIT

Live stream from Kulturakademie Tarabya on May 15 & 16th, 8-10pm (UTC+3), Istanbul, Turkey @rosawernecke

“What glitch feminism is proposing instead is this: We will embody the ecstatic and catastrophic error. If this is a spatial battle, let us become an architecture. We will be not “single beings” but be every single being and every single avatar, expanding to a rageful full range that makes this gendered engine screech to a halt. We will let our liquidity roar with the deep decibels of waves. We will cruise as wild, amorous, monstrous malfunctions. We will find life, joy, and longevity in breaking what needs to be broken. We will be persistent in our failure to perform in pursuit of a future that does not want us, enduring in our refusal to protect the idea, the institution of “body” that alienates us. Here is where new possibilities gestate. As glitch feminists, we will search in the darkness for the gates, seek the ways to bring them down and kill their keepers. So, go ahead—tear it all open. Let’s be beatific in our leaky and limitless contagion. Usurp the body. Become your avatar. Be the glitch. Let the whole goddamn thing short-circuit.”

Legacy Russell: Glitch Feminism