Live streaming at Varkert Bazaar at night from May 15th – 22nd, which can be viewed from the street at 2-4 Dobrentei Utca, Budapest 1013 in Hungary.

This installation plays with translucencies and the qualities of light. It comprises ten square frames running across the first floor of a listed building in one of the most exclusive areas of central Budapest. It is a glorious celebration of high and low art; silk organza teamed with plastic holographic films, an admittedly intricate ‘kids’ stain glass window project littered across an ornate period facade. 

Each piece comprises of two separate glass panels with 20cm between them. Seen from the park below they move in and out of geometric alignment as you walk along, fragmenting and changing their colour variations in the light. They reveal and conceal different elements of their construction. The passing of the day and its weather conditions brings their own unique dimension to the piece as different colours and reflections dominate in certain conditions. It resolutely resists accepting traditional documentation. As with the Light Windows concept, art is to be experienced not witnessed on a screen. Light is impermanent, objects and these are three-dimensional objects change as you move around them in space.  

The experience of making is one of inversion, balanced on ladders the artist’s perception from the interior is inside out. The interior space is transformed with colour during daylight hours and projects outwards at night, with the most interesting visions at twilight.

Colour Me Happy is intended to bring joy to post lockdown Budapest and the residents of the 1st District. It is about hope, infinite variation and delighting in the rapid changes of our perceptual experiences.