Ana Maria Nicholson


Holographic Embodiment at the HoloCenter on Governors Island
August 31 – October 27, 2019

Ana Maria Nicholson, Union, 2004/5, open aperture pulse laser recording created for the exhibition ‘The Body Electric’  

“When I started working in holography I became captivated by the way that the medium transformed the human body. The central theme of my work as an artist has always been the human figure: its beauty, its complexity and its ability to express in gesture and movement the hidden realities that lie at the core of the human spirit and heart. When carefully observed the body is but a thin shield, a permeable membrane that can obscure but not obliterate the psychological and spiritual dimensions of each person.”

Ana Maria Nicholson, Ph.D. has been working as a holographic artist since 1978. She is a cofounder of the Center for Holographic Arts (Holocenter.) and was its director for eleven years.  She has exhibited her own work both locally and internationally.  Her exhibitions include Portraits in Laser Light, a solo exhibition at the Fishbach Gallery in New York City, NY in 1997; Light and Sound at the Susquehanna Art Museum in Harrisburg, PA in 1996, Images de Futur in Montreal Canada in 1993; World of Holography in Nagoya, Japan in 1989; and Laser 87 in Munich, Germany in 1987. The show The Body Electric with Ikuo Nakamura was at the Green Street Gallery in New York in 2004 and at the Butler Institute of American Art in 2005-56.