Martina Mrongovius

Figure 8 on Drummond Street

One of the ‘we’re all looking’ series of holograms created from the photographs of 26 participants in choreographed captures around Melbourne, Australia.  The project grew from a question of what we perceive  of an experience when viewed through the photos of others. 

Holographic Embodiment at the HoloCenter on Governors Island
August 31 – October 27, 2019

Martina Mrongovius, Figure 8 on Drummond Street, 2007, Animated (multiplex) reflection hologram, 11″ x 15”

Using a multiplex technique different vantage points are incorporated into one scene.  The looped chain of images brings together the perspectives of 26 photographers who are also the subject of the scene.  As you move past the hologram you see a photographer and then through their camera.  This activity creates an expressive architecture of space and time. The exhibition Holographic Embodiment grew from Mrongovius’ research into how media can be both an expressive mirror and shape the way in which we perceive.

Martina Mrongovius creates installations with spatially-animated holograms. Her holographic scenes are composed of hundreds of photographs and video, capturing urban adventures of intertwined movement and psychological forces.  Mrongovius studied physics and received a doctorate in architecture and design from RMIT University Melbourne. She teaches holography and experimental media, including invited lectures and workshops in Australia, Germany, Netherlands, South Korea,  Turkey, Taiwan and USA.