into the holographic landscape

Martina Mrongovius

September 21 – 24, 2006

A series of dynamic holographic images that reveal the entangled nature of the urban landscape

Comprising of both holographic and photographic images, this body of work explores spatial-visual relationships within urban geometry. By reconstructing digital image sequences complex forms emerge through geometric structures and multiple perspectives. These works are the first stage of Martina’s two year Master of Design research project, undertaken at the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory, RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

The methods developed to reconstruct these holographic scenes are a continuation of Martina’s investigation into optical structures. This, her most recent work, blends sampled imagery with computer processes forming a montage of actual and virtual spaces. The strange dynamics revealed by moving around the holograms creates a mnemonic urban landscape.

These holographic scenes were constructed by blending sampled imagery with computer processes, forming a montage of actual and virtual geometry.

The stereographic reconstruction of these digital image sequences allows for a mnemonic landscape to be experienced as you move through the multiple perspectives.

The holograms in this exhibition were produced at The Academy of Media Arts (Cologne) and the Center for the Holographic Arts (New York).