Ken Dunkley

Visions in the Dark

September, 2015

Ken Dunkley Thoughts
Ken Dunkley Thoughts, 1973

Visions in the dark – Ken Dunkley

Pioneer holographer Ken Dunkley presents three laser transmission holograms

Renowned for creating Thoughts, 1973—the first recorded example of independent “serially connected” visual spaces. The first visual space contains a second that is completely independent of the first, and it in turn contains a third independent space.  And so on.  Thoughts is recognized as the first art hologram to fully utilize the holographic medium and has been credited as one of  “the pivotal holograms in the development of holography as an art form”

Featured at MoMA in 1977, Dunkley has since then expanded his optical odyssey to include Space Children, and the interactive hologram,  Homecoming. Experience these amazing works together for the first time at the HoloCenter on Governors Island