Ioana Spectral Figures digital holograms


The on-going series of holographic portraits ‘Spectral Figures’ depicts artists and philosophers whom Ioana Pioaru considers influential to her practice, or otherwise intriguing and challenging. The installation at the HoloCenter brings together Marcel Duchamp, Elaine Sturtevant and Andy Warhol, along with a self portrait created for the Holographic Embodiment exhibition.

Ioana Pioaru, Spectral Figures, 2019
Digital hologram prints on photo-resist in archival glass laminate , 7” x 7”

Pioaru describes the works in this series as ‘sculptural drawings’ – a concept she has approached in several projects and which refers to expanding the characteristics of drawing to create sculptural objects.

The ‘Spectral Figures’ holographic portraits synthesize qualities of traditional hand-drawing with the unique features of holography. They are created in virtual reality and then printed as achromatic digital holograms. This is an original method developed by Ioana Pioaru during her doctoral research and a way of bridging the gap between the virtual and the real by offering the possibility to showcase VR artworks outside of VR space, without the need of a headset.

printed with assistance from GEOLA

Ioana Pioaru is a UK-based Romanian artist, researcher and illustrator, working with a variety of media such as drawing, printmaking, 3d printing, virtual reality painting and digital holography.