Pioneer of holographic art Unterseher expertly engages viewers with
his passion for visual perception, light, kinetics, consciousness and

Unterseher graduated with honors from San Francisco Art Institute. While
in San Francisco he participated in collective artist projects including ANT
FARM and the formation of Project Artaud. Unterseher was a pioneering
member of the San Francisco School of Holography with Lloyd Cross
and Gerry Pethick. Later they formed the Multiplex Company that
produced stereographic holograms, including artworks for Salvador
Dali. Unterseher has exhibited extensively in galleries, museums and
educational institutions in Europe, Asia and throughout North and South

KINETIC FIGURES, 2017 is a series of four unique holograms.
The composite images from pulse masters are further multiplied with
illumination from two lights. Dichromate gelatin embedded in glass.

Inclined to Recline, 20.5” x 24.5”
Roll with It, 21.5” x 24.5”
Just a Moment, 28” x 22”

Produced at the Light Foundry, USA with C Alex Clark and August Muth
The pulse laser masters were recorded at the studio of the artist
with Dr. John Webster from 1985 to 1989

KINETIC FIGURES are the continued explorations involving kinetics
(movements) of the human figure. The work combines holographic images
to create artworks that enhance the perception of the figure in motion.
The holograms pay tribute to the tradition of some of the first visual, both
scientific/artistic, studies of humans in motion conducted by Etienne-Jules
Marey and others throughout the late 1800s. Marey considered that the
artist ‘while taking nature as a model, makes an independent choice’ of the
attitude of the body in motion. Kinetic Figures invites the viewer/participant to explore varied images that are distinctive to each individual by the choice of their movements during the act of experiencing the artworks.
Inclined to Recline and Roll with It portray a kaleidoscope of figures
generated from the movements of a single female figure. The figure’s
movements can be viewed forwards, backwards or in any combination
in and out of sequence. The contact with the work can be somewhat
unparalleled for each viewer/participant since they experience intertwined,
overlapping and mingled figures in space/time.
Technically the holograms are best described as triple slit rainbow
holograms that allow for a mixed secondary order of colors that includes
more “pastel like hues”. The brain fuses the views from both eyes into
a coherent image of blended colors. Together they contribute to an
experience that is unique.
With the artwork, there is a continued reference to the key model of
renowned physicist David Bohm and his concept holomovement. It brings
together the principle of undivided wholeness or what he referred to as
the universal flux and includes the idea that everything is becoming or in
a course of action. His view was that wholeness is not a constant oneness
but a vibrant wholeness in motion, in which everything moves together in
an interconnected process of becoming.

Fred Unterseher, 2017