Dora Tass Hologram Screen media archeology

Dora Tass

Perturbing Objects : Archeology of the Future

– closed exhibition at OM the Spot art space in Rome, documented in the video below and show through the artists studios windows for LIGHT WINDOWS in May 2020

Perturbing Objects: Archeology of the Future, is a cycle of holographic light artworks in glass plates, that have the cohesive artistic character focused in light as a tactile material. Elements such as typewriters, cameras, lenses, newspapers, ancient stone and words are the subject matter, and serve to preserve culture as a medium of communication, history, and identity. These vintage objects are removed from the oblivion of time; dematerialized in light sculptures holograms, in transition from the age of ‘Enlightenment’ to the contemporary age of ‘Photon’.

The holographic light artworks are made in collaboration with the light artist August Muth in his lab. The Light Foundry, Santa Fe, USA.

Dora Tass – Artist Website @Dora.Tass