Peace Lights at Fed Sq Melbourne

Peace Light

Pete Rogina & Eileen Cohen

Peace Lights in an internationally recognized video symbol of peace that plays around the world and has been adopted by numerous peace organizations globally as their “International Symbol of Peace & Non-Violence”. Peace Lights was endorsed by the United Nations International Year of Light in 2015.

The colors represent the different cultures of the world while the motion represents the ways in which these cultures interact and work together to achieve harmony, peace, and good energy.

The words “Peace Lights” appears in 55 languages throughout. This version of Peace Lights also shows the 30 Human Rights (taken from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) in both English and French.

Peace Lights has played at the United Nations at dozens of events and occasions including in the General Assembly Hall, Delegates Lounge, ECOSOC chamber, and several conference rooms. Peace Lights was also invited as part of a 3-week art exhibit in the lobby of the Albano Building in October 2019.

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