Vaughn Sadie

Window Ornament

LIGHT WINDOWS in Rosebank, Cape Town, South Africa.
May 14 -24, 2020. 6-8pm
LIVE STREAM May 16 ~ 1pm EDT (7pm SAST) @vaughn_sadie

I have been working with plastic molded chairs since 2009. The chairs have formed part of a series of installations and lighting strategies for contemporary dance productions. In each, the chairs functioned as a primary light source and a conceptual device. The chairs are usually fitted with a domestic use 2D 4pin compact fluorescent (16w) globe which is mounted its underside. During Covid-19 I have taken some time to revisit past projects reconnecting with materials, images, objects and ideas to see how to develop these further. For this installation, I wanted to revisit the chairs and experiment with them purely as objects. With the addition of an external light source, the intention was to think through their form and materiality.

Vaughn Sadie, Window Ornament
2 x green square plastic stools (47x34x34cm), 2 green rectangular plastic stools
(47x41x34cm), 10w LED Flood light (10w) and cerise tissue paper.