Annie Stout, IN SPIRIT

Bloomington, Indiana
9pm ~ 10pm or later, May 15 & 16, 2021

In Spirit is a four- window- projection of meticulously pieced curtains which seem to infinitely flutter in their own impossible wind. They billow both outward and inward; the slow rhythms of motion, at once mesmerizing and unsettled, embody the dissonant feelings of restlessness to rejoin the wakening world, and reticence to depart the comfort and safety of quarantined sanctuary.

I am interested in the weird experience of humanness and the complex relationship between the physical world and psychological space. Through the interdisciplinary practices of stop-motion photography, performance, projection, and more traditional object-making methods, I merge the symbolic material elements of sculptural form/ site-specificity and film loops- the “real” or physical and the “non-real” or ethereal- into experiential illusions representative of hallucination, dream, obsessive thought, and the disorienting perspicacity of everyday existence. Together my artworks are elements of an incomplete equation; they compose a fragmented and evolving philosophy in motion toward a theory of… it all.

Annie Stout