Lottie Consalvo, ‘The Last Arborist’, 2020 for LIGHT WINDOWS at the Musuem of Art an Culture yapang Lake Macquarie

Lottie Consalvo, THE LAST ARBORIST

Museum of Art and Culture yapang, Lake Macquaire
1A First Street, Booragul, NSW 2282, Australia
May 14 from sunset

‘The Last Arborist’ was a finalist in the Lake Art Prize and acquired into the MAC yapang collection . In this video work, Lottie Consalvo grapples with the futility of attempting to reverse the inevitable. After Consalvo determinedly drags the dead tree through dense water and attempts to resurrect it, the trunk falls, depicting an inevitable impossibility and a dire warning of what can be lost when actions are left too little, too late.

Lottie Consalvo, ‘The Last Arborist’, 2020, single channel video, 02:49 mins, edition of 5 +1 AP

Lottie Consalvo is a Melbourne-born, Newcastle-based artist whose practice traverses painting, performance, video and sculpture. She creates commanding, gestural works that explore psychological shifts and ideas surrounding longing, desire and the unknown.

Consalvo’s performances are observations of quiet transformative experiences. Her paintings further this conversation in the way that they create a physical presence for imagination and memory, allowing the viewer to walk a tightrope of ambiguity. Working with a restricted palette across mediums, Consalvo often grasps monumental forms and uses the high contrast of opposing dark and light to mark out a place for the intangible. Consalvo’s recent body of work ‘The Aerial View Of An Anthem’ explores the distant self and its parallels to the expanse of the sea. In these works, an almost uncontainable mass of paint sits energetically below purposeful forms, giving a portal-like depth to each canvas.