HoloCenter Webinars

Sunday May 16, 1pm EDT >> LIGHT WINDOWS live from Santa Fe, explore the exhibition ‘Altered Light’ at CURRENTS 826 Gallery, meet some of the artists and and take a peak into the Light Foundry studio with August Muth. In partnership with CURRENTS New Media.
In this webinar, Linda Law, Executive Director of the HoloCenter will join with the artists participating in this show to talk about the holographic images in the show and the light installations and their creative explorations with Light.

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The monthly HoloCenter Webinar series started on Tuesday 11 May and will contine on Tuesday June 15, 12 Noon EDT as we continue to explore the question “What is a Hologram?” with a panel of artists.

Hosted by Linda Law, Executive Director of the HoloCenter, the first three seminars will be on the topic of “What is a Hologram?” With so much misinformation on this subject, we have decided to convene three separate panels of speakers to address the many questions that keep arising.

In the first session on May 11th, our panel consisted of four eminent authorities on Holography, Dr. Juris Upatnieks, Dr Kenneth Haines, Posy Jackson and Dr. Jim Trollinger who discussed their definition of Holography based on their experiences during those early years.

Dr. Juris Upatnieks made the very first holograms using a laser with the late Dr. Emmet Leith.

Dr Kenneth Haines was a researcher at the University of Michigan with Dr. Emmett Leith in those very early days; he was a pioneer of mass production techniques at American Banknote Inc.; and Founder of Simian Inc. where he developed systems for generating holograms from computer graphics for mass production. 

Posy Jackson founded The Museum of Holography in1976, serving as its Director through 1983. From 1987 through 1998 she created and directed the Holography Program for The Shearwater Foundation, which continued until 2004.

Dr Jim Trolinger is an optical physicist who has devoted his entire career to the pioneering development and fielding of laser-based, state-of-the-art, optical diagnostic methods, especially in applied holography. During his career he cofounded two successful, high-technology, optical companies, Spectron Development Laboratories Inc., which was acquired by the Titan Corporation in 1986, and MetroLaser Inc., where he has worked since 1988.

In June will be discussing the same topic with a panel of holographic artists from around the world, exploring their definition of a hologram, and in July we are convening a panel of experts from the field of digital holography to discuss their evolving definition of a hologram.

Join us for these exciting events as we explore the changes that are impacting and expanding the realm of holographic imaging.