Michael Bleyenbery and Fred Unterseher IRIDESCENCE

Hologram Foundation Holographic Art Grants

–Funding Pool for Art Hologram Production –

artworks created through this program are exhibited in the touring exhibition IRIDESCENCE

The Holographic Art Grant is a funding pool for artists to meet the production costs of producing art holograms.  Established by the Hologram Foundation in Paris with additional support form the Center for the Holographic Arts in NYC the Program was launched in 2016 with six artists selected.  The Holographic Art Grant is designed to enable artists to create new ambitious holographic artworks of the highest quality.

After 35 years in the holography business, I want to help the visual artists who select holography as a primary media. I believe that holography remains one of the most “magic” mediums. Whenever the public is exposed to holograms they are fascinated. I want to help artists to bring this fascination into the homes of art appreciators.’

Hugues Souparis, Founder of the Hologram Foundation

Get ready for a new wave of holographic art.

The Hologram Foundation established by Hugues Souparis, CEO of Surys, offers artists production grants. Having brought holograms onto money and passports Souparis now wants to help artists create holograms for our homes.

The Hologram Foundation provides funding to artists to produce art holograms that are easy to display. Half of the works created will be given back to the Foundation for exhibitions and sold to fund the next round of art holograms. The Holographic Art Grant Program brings together financial support from the Hologram Foundation and project support from the Center for the Holographic Arts (HoloCenter).

Holographic Art Grant projects 2018
Philippe Boissonnet (Canada)
Betsy Connors (USA)
Sam Moree (USA)
August Muth (USA)
Ray Park (South Korea)

Holographic Art Grant projects 2016/17

Michael Bleyenberg Renaissance:re (Germany)
Patrick Boyd Morris Dancers (UK)
Pascal Gauchet Random Memories (France)
Setsuko Ishii Fragment of Nature (Japan)
Fred Unterseher Kinetic Figures (USA)

the exhibition IRIDESCENCE
May 27 – June 18, 2017
Galerie 24b ∙ 24 bis rue Saint Roch 75001, Paris

September 1 – October 9, 2017
HoloCenter ∙ Colonels Row 403, Governors Island, New York

November 9 – 19, 2017
Central Booking Art Space ∙ 21 Ludlow Street, New York 10002

May 2 – 16, 2019
HoloCenter | ON CANAL ∙ 325 Canal Street, New York, 10013

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IRIDESCENCE at HoloCenter ON CANAL_Press Release, 2019

Illuminating New Ideas –  Press Release June 29, 2016

Holograms to Homes – Press Release, January 25, 2016

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image: Holograms by Jean-François Moreau, from the Hologram Foundation Collection, Toulon Art Museum, 2015 photo by Francesco Mazzero