Holographic Art Tours and Consultation

Art Consultation

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Holograms are a unique art medium.

Viewing holographic art is an engaging experience that uplifts and inspires. Find the the right holographic artwork for your home, office or collection. 

The Center for the Holographic Arts can help you find artworks you love and invest wisely.  We are also able to provide advice and design for the illumination and installation of your art holograms.

Consultations with industry expert Martina Mrongovius, PhD can be made by appointment contact: info@holocenter.org

Artworks currently for sale

IRIDESCENCE the Holographic Art Grant projects sponsored by the Hologram Foundation www.iridescence-expo.org

Mathew Schreiber – INCENSE AND HOLOGRAMS at Johannes Vogt gallery

Artsy – IRIDESCENCE at the HoloCenter ON CANAL hosted by Wallplay

We can also help you find the right artist to create commissioned artwork.

Bring holograms into your life.