Coherence and Incoherence

Juergen Eichler

HoloCenter on Governors Island
August  6-27, 2017

Juergen Eichler, Coherence and Incoherence

Coherence and Incoherence
Holographic 3D/2D Collage

Coherence and Incoherence is an exhibition of collages which combine holograms with graphic art and paintings. Holographic 3D elements float in space in front of a 2D graphic structures. Different mixed colors can be seen, which are in general not existent in usual holography with its pure spectral colors.  It is advantageous that the artistic statement of the graphic art is still present under diffuse room illumination. 

The dichromate gelatin films on glass are produced in the holographic laboratory a few days before laser exposure. The film material shows random and local variations in the reproduction of wavelength and intensity. These are fascinating properties which are incorporated into the artistic concept. In addition some parameters in the production of the films can be modified according to the desired artistic result. 

Coherence and Incoherence symbolizes two types of luminous colors superposed in the holograms. In paintings, colors are formed by dyes, tints or pigments by selective scattering or absorption of normal or incoherent light. Holograms are produced using coherent laser radiation. The holographic image is created by interference effects yielding narrowband spectral colors. Depending on the conditions of illumination or observation the colors and structures changes in the holographic image. These interference colors are dynamic in contrast to normal or static colors.

One series of holograms has grass and other plants as objects. Objects from nature act as symbols for dynamics. In front of the hologram filigree figures float in space. The background is a graphic with colored structures.

A  second series of holograms in this exposition have pyramids as objects, where pyramids are a symbol of statics. In these holographic collages the pyramids levitate infront of a graphic design. Due to the local variations of the film material different colors arise.

– Project in cooperation with Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin

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