Dan Schwitzer the Tunnel

Dan Schweitzer, THE TUNNEL

Transmission hologram, 10″ x 8″, produced around 1979

“My fascination for holography stems from my attraction to the light and the ability to “sculpt” this energy. Light, it seems to me, is the most effective medium to use when attempting to visualize an idea. Ideas themselves seem to be composed of light. It is the metaphorical behavior of light that compels me to record it as signposts in my travel to examine thought, reality, and our perception of them.”

Dan Schweitzer created the New York Holographic Laboratories with Sam Moree and then co-founded the HoloCenter with Ana Maria Nicholson in 1998. He explored constructed holographic images, often using miniature scenes to place the viewer ‘inside’ larger optical spaces and devices to puncture the image plane.

Exhibited in HOLOGRAPHIC EMBODIMENT at the HoloCenter on Governors Island, NY 2019 from the HoloCenter Collection