George O. Stadnik; Joshua White, GHOST LIGHT LUMIA COMPOSITION

Ghost Light will visible from the sidewalk in front of the cell theater
338 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011
May 14, 9 PM until midnight May 16

This Lumia Composition began in August, 2020. I had seen a program segment on CBS Sunday Morning about the economic disaster that the Pandemic is causing in the performing arts. This inspired me to extend traditional methods used in Lumia to create silent visual compositions. In this piece, a central, single filament tungsten light source provides the illumination. Surrounding this light are optically reactive materials that reflect, refract, diffract, distort and interfere with the projected image of the lamp filament. An outer ring contains iconic images of theatrical performances staged by the Oldcastle Theatre Company over the years. The image panels incorporate a subset of optically reactive materials that interact with the inner ring. The resulting combination adds a layer of dynamic visual to each panel. Change and motion come from random currents created by an antique reciprocating fan. The suspended panels behave like sails on a ship, redirecting, focusing and dispersing the fan’s energy.