two holograms in the series CELESTIAL BALLERINA by Lana Blum | Installation view from the exhibition Holographic Embodiment at the HoloCenter on Governors Island | Each hologram shows a 3D scan of a dancer with digitally genetrated backgrounds they are installed on a corner.


‘Capturing the dance movements created 3D sculptures – your body
becomes the brush. The beauty of a human body becomes visible. The
hologram can be seen as a stage – they tell a story of the movement
and the visual impact of Diana Vishneva’s creations. It is a prototype of
the future performances and art where reality merges with projections.
Transcend time through movement. Transcend space through holograms
– the reality is a projection.’

Lana Blum’s approach to art and technology is to make tangible worlds
from the digital. Using 3D scanning technology, she recreates moments
of time and motion. The perceived imperfections of technological
glitches are juxtaposed with delicate patterns producing an aesthetic that
highlights a digital interpretation of dynamic space.

Lana Blum combines design and art with a focus on complex systems and
emerging technologies. Her inspiration comes from the cohabitation of
nature, contemporary materials and technology with the spiritual journey
of the human being. Her projects develop form and pattern through
digital and physical manifestations.

Lana Blum co-founded Aminimal, an experimental design studio based
in Brooklyn, New York. She was part of the Autodesk Artist Residency
program in 2015 and the Space:Light program at the HoloCenter in 2016.
Blum holds a Masters in Industrial Design from the University of Applied
Arts, Vienna, Austria.
Birth Vision

CELESTIAL BALLERINA moves ballet off the stage and into a new digital
realm by merging the worlds of technology, art and performance. Each
work offers a captivating glimpse of the emerging art form of digital
holography by harnessing the power of dance.

Lana Blum collaborated with dancers Diana Vishneva and Shoko Tamai
to create sculptures of motion through 3D scanning. The figures are
combined with environments inspired by the chakras and developed
through generative computer art.

Series of five unique digital reflection holograms, 24” x 24”
Birth, Ground, Heart, Vision and Voice

Printed with Zebra Imaging, USA