'Birth' digital hologram by Lana Blum, commissioned by the Hologram Foundation for IRIDESCENCE



Holographic Art Grant project, CELESTIAL BALLERINA (2016)

Merging the worlds of Technology, Art and Dance, Celestial Ballerina (2016) redefines the classical ballet and moves the performance off the stage and into a new digital realm.  A glimpse of the future art form of holograms and captivating a larger audience to engage with the power of the ballet performance. 

“Transcend time through movement. Transcend space through holograms – the reality is a projection.” – Lana Briscella.   

Lana Briscella focuses on researching complex systems and emerging technologies as an approach to 21st century design. Lana is Co-founder of Aminimal, an experimental design studio based in Brooklyn New York. She received a Masters in Industrial Design from University of Applied Arts Vienna Austria. Her inspiration comes from science, nature, contemporary materials and technology and the spiritual journey of the human being.

Lana Briscella’s approach to art and technology is making a tangible world from the digital.  Using the technological element of the 3d scanning technology, she is recreating moments of time and motion. The perceived imperfection creates a glitch aesthetic and the digital interpretation of our world.  

This artwork was created with a Holographic Art Grant from the Hologram Foundation with additional support from Zebra Imaging. It has been shown in the touring exhibition IRIDESCENCE.