Mischa Kuball Light Windows Nomadic

Mischa Kuball

‘private disco – for LIGHT WINDOWS and individual smart phones’
dedicated to the abandoned street elsewhere in the world

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Alog is a norwegian electronic sound formation – i had been mesmerized by the idea, to create something to oppose covid_19 controlling public space, social behavior – and party habits… with this little smart phone clubbing-solution one could walk the sound and get the light signals which are generated by Alog soundtrack – so this little walking club momento may deliver a bit what we all are missing so much right now – our second homes such as ‚salon des amateurs‘, ‚golzheim‘, ‚Tresor‘ just to name a few out of a massive number of clubs, which are currently suffering from quarantine

Mischa Kuball, May 1, 2020

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Studio Mischa Kuball
Fürstenwall, Düsseldorf, Germany