Sam Moree Ocaen Sky hologram at IRIDESCENCE

Sam Moree, OCEAN SKY

‘I look at holography as a dance of balance – a Rosetta Stone – between art and science. The primitive and the sophisticated. The past and the future. A balancing beam of light and dark.’

Sam Moree

Ocean Sky, 2018
Sculpture with two hologram panels on plexiglass, 20” x 18”
Edition of 2

Sam Moree grew up in Florida where the sky and the light across the ocean were his ever changing canvas of art and imagination.

The two panels of Ocean Sky create spectrums of color that mix and entwine. As the viewer moves this becomes a dynamic play of light.

The fields of holographic light can also be shifted with various lighting arrangements.

Produced with Dr. John Perry at Holographics North, USA

Sam Moree is an artist who has worked with holography, video and sculpture for over 40 years. His holographic artworks create sweeping fields of light with dynamics achieved through layering. He draws viewers into a choreographed dance with the visual, revealing details and ever
changing relationships of color and space.

Sam Moree is renowned for his sculptural pieces that incorporate holograms and his work with rainbow holography. Notable exhibitions of his artwork include at Center Pompidou, Paris in 1985; in ‘Mehr Licht’ (1987), Kuntshalle Hamburg, Germany and at the Dali Museum in St Petersburg, Florida in 1999. He was awarded a 1996 fellowship by the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany.

Moree was closely associated with the New York Museum of Holography in Soho where he presented his solo exhibition ʻFluxʼ in 1982. He participated in the traveling exhibition ʻGenerationsʼ (1999/2000) organized by the Center for the Holographic Arts.

Sam Moree co-founded the New York Holographic Laboratories with the late Dan Schweitzer in 1977. They offered some of the first holography classes and inspired many of the artists who have defined the medium. Moree teaches the holography class at the School of Visual Arts and the HoloCenter Pulse Laser Holography Workshops at Ohio State University.

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