Wen-Han Chang Glare of Water projection for LIGHT WINDOWS

Wen-Han Chang

Glare of Water

LIGHT WINDOWS Jackson Heights, Queens, NY
Every evening, May 6 – 17, 2020

We find that through careful observation, the surface of water often looks more like a distorted space when we get close up to study it.

 I  capture the details of how light reflects off the surface of moving water to create abstract patterns. In a sense, the videos look similar to Pollock’s abstract painting as they show the effects of gravity on water molecules. However, the difference is that while Pollock swung a brush to fling pigment, his canvas was static and on the ground. In my videos, it is the light source that is static and the surface of water that keeps vibrating. Accordingly, the water surface is invisible, the viewer will sense the light go through a distorted space

Wen-Han Chang, 2020

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