Jeesoo Hong, PASSING THROUGH, live stream from Cologne for LIGHT WINDOWS


Projected in Cologne, Germany on May 14th – 16th and live streamed at 10pm GMT+2.

“How does the meaning of body parts change depending on the situation and time? In the intimacy between two people, the mouth would be the space where the other’s healthy germs, bacteria, and diverse microbes can be exchanged by kissing. Isolation, in the past, was actually jeopardizing healthy life. But nowadays, certain parts of the body are covered in public spaces, which have a new meaning: the weakest and most threatening part of the body. Since the first year of the pandemic, a bare nose and a bare mouth in public spaces have been considered the most dangerous body parts that can be infected by the virus. In this work, I want to show what we had lost and given up these days and remember the time when we were open and brave to share things with each other not to be isolated.”

Jeesoo Hong