Sofy Yuditskaya, TIME CRYSTALS

Time Crystals of varying size internally and externally will be on view from May 1-30 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. Including a live stream on May 1 from 7.45-8.15pm EDT as part of OptoSonic MayDay Marathon

Time Crystals will be a visit into the interior of optical art. Time Crystals bend both space and time in full-spectral rainbow optical beauty. The rainbow is indeed referencing that same rainbow found in our pride flags. The spectral refraction and diffraction of light representing the refractions and diffractions of our very ways of being as fluid bodies. Time Crystals take advantage of cyberspace to glitch away from the body and become pure light, with color as metaphor and pitch-bending and electronic techniques used to create the heard narrative in the tour. The heard narrative will describe the poetics of Glitch Feminism and the current human-machine reckoning.

Previous works this tour will draw —visually and stylistically— on Trip to The HoloCenter

and textually— on Noise and Randomness

The difference being that in Time Crystals the video will use the unique advantage given by table top web cam recording to fill the screen with a space that’s incredibly small and make it appear monumental.