Divinorum Valeria Eglantine Rose

Valeria Divinorum, DREAM GARDEN

Livestream with IGTV

May 14-16, 7:00pm -~1:00am from 1927 Linden St. Ridgewood, NY 11385.

Inspired in Peter Tompkins book this installation will have a center stained-glass flower panel hanging near the window with 2 video projectors facing a backdrop white fabric. Right after the sun sets the video projections will light up the white canvas. These were filmed at the Botanical Garden of The Bronx and were edited digitally to make the garden glow in a different tones and shades than what we normally see.

“My work is an allegory of the human connection with nature. My intention is to generate a common symbolic language decoding information that we all have in our own biological structure and memory, highlighting the beauty of the basic coincidences of something common, such as plants. Glass as a material is not stochastic it is a moving fluid that can not be witnessed on human scale. Glass is also fragile. I see glass as an analog for the disconnect that humans have in their relation to nature’s systems and their fragility. My work invites one to establish a deeper contemplation of our universe and its message about an essential ceremony for health and spirituality. If everything is determined by how and what we perceive, understanding the mechanics of perception can contribute to change our own reality.”

Valeria Divinorum