Jonathan Sims Tree of Heaven at Paradise Palase

Paradice Palase presents

Flower of Life by Valeria Divinorum
Tree of Heaven by Jonathan Sims

LIGHT WINDOWS at Paradice Palase
1263 Bushwick Ave (Bushwick+Halsey)
*OLD* PP location (they now have an awesome new gallery with studios!)
Times for viewing: 8pm-11pm nightly
Live stream on Saturday May 16th @ParadicePalase
Art Stream 7-10pm – with artists discussion at 8pm

Valeria Divinorum

Flower of Life (Upstairs)

The 64 Tetrahedron star is a Sacred Geometry symbol that holds the geometry of the vacuum of all matter, it is the 3D version of the flower of life. The matrix is both fractal and holographic and contains within it the octahedron, the cube, the seed geometry of form the star tetrahedron and of centered spiral motion the cubeoctahedron and contains the symbolic geometry of form and movement in balance.

On each side of the star is a glass flower. In nature is where we can find the evidence of what is called sacred geometry. In flowers, fractal patterns appear and geometric compositions are visible.

I chose to show these 3 pieces together as a symbolic reference to our connection with nature which can be decoded though sacred geometry symbols. It’s through geometry that we can describe the perfect balance of creation and the fractal recursion of space-time. Using the glass of the star we reflect the building blocks of the flower’s own essence onto their organic forms.

Brooklyn-based visual artist & architect Valeria Divinorum works with glass-metal sculptures, art installations, scene set design and video art. With formal training in the School of Architecture in Buenos Aires, her work specializes in stained-glass sculptural objects which she uses as a lens to experiment with the intangible properties of light. She has a deep interest in exploring the optical perception of space through traditional techniques and tangible textures, creating dispersion of light into spectral components.

Valeria Divinorum’s practice embodies light, geometry, structures and translates symbolism from ancient cultures into contemporary creations, finding new forms of relating to spatial interaction by the interpenetration of space into one single sculpture. Her artworks are inspired by the mathematical proportions that appear in nature, which she uses as reference to create new shapes within the glass media. She exposes magical and fantasy elements as parts contained within perceived normality.

Jonathan Sims

Tree of Heaven (Downstairs)

For the last four years, a tree has bloomed outside the window of my studio at Flux Factory. By summer, a worker from the next door comes through and attempts to rip it out to protect the building’s foundation. But by the next spring this tree of heaven grows back, a little thicker and a little taller. The leaves cast subtly swaying shadows and light into my studio, and the movement of the light has become a huge inspiration for me. These patterns and movement become the source of light in this installation. Reflected through multiple lenses and filters and broken into multitudes, on these late spring nights in 2020, the light fills new windows.

Jonathan Sims is a New York City based visual artist. His visual style is characterized by brightly colored geometric abstractions and simple, minimalist symbology that evokes language and universal, ancient design. Sims’ practice is an investigation of the elements that reach across time, space, culture and language to reveal universal truths about human society. By creating original, non-objective physical and digital artifacts, he draws a through-line that connects ancient humanity through history, into today, and suggests possibilities about our distant future.