A two story building with a clock and the number 518 picturing the HoloCenter's potential new home in Kingston New York

Our New Home!

The HoloCenter is now located at 518 Broadway, Kingston, NY.

Come and visits the beautiful gallery space an help us establish an AIR program and holography studio in the basement.

Your monthly contribution at whatever level you can afford will enable us to establish:

  • the premiere Holographic facility in the world, building our collection of holographic art and protecting Holographic History.
  • the premiere facility to learn about creating holograms and access to make them for all ages of people – kids to senior citizens.
  • the major Artist-in-Residence program for Holographic Art in the world.
  • the place to see the latest holographic art as well as shows that explore the evolution of holography as an art form.

I hope that you will join our community and help us to make this important shift. We are at the beginning of a new era: 

– with new recording materials and lasers, 

– with some of the leading holographic artists in the world teaching courses about these latest techniques, 

– support has enabled us to open the exhbition space with IRIDESCENCE with artworks commission by the Hologram Foundation and sponsored by Enowe Foundation and Hugues Souparis, produced by Martina Mrongovius.

– our permanent collection will have a base and we hope to open the doors for future donations of Holographic Art

– we are planning for local educational projects with our neighbors, the Center for Creative Education, The Kingston High School, The Boys and Girls Club, My Kingston Kids, the YMCA

Help us to make this the premiere place in the world to experience and to learn about all forms of Holographic Art.