Everything Good Studio, CURTAIN OF LIGHT

A 3D camera mounted on the ceiling tracks visitors to the space. Custom software written in C++/OpenFrameworks is used to analyze people’s motion, and a reactive line animation uses a physics engine to respond to the touch of participants as they approach and interact with the projection. Immersive audio is generated in real-time in response to the user-interaction.

Curtain of Light is an interactive volumetric projection installation. In it, a barrier of light divides the gallery space — which visitors are encouraged to push against. The ethereal boundary moves and emanates sound in response to the touch of those who approach it.

It has become clear that we are living in an increasingly divided and isolationist world, where each person inhabits their own alternate reality. However, many of these perceived divisions are superficial. Curtain of Light highlights these arbitrary and destructive divisions. Although both the physical and psychological walls that divide us may seem solid and unmoving, we show how fragile these constructs are. When you start to resist and push back, they fall away.

Via this work, we create an environment which forces people to confront the barriers between them. As an interactive art exhibition which is open to the public, our goal is to create a work that encourages strangers to interact and connect with one another. Participating in Curtain of Light acts as a catalyst for dissolving barriers and bringing people together through a common experience.

Jack Kalish and Rachel Ciaverella, 2021

Jack + Rachel are Everything Good; a multi-disciplinary arts & design team creating immersive interactive experiences with emerging technology. Rachel Ciaverella is a cross-disciplinary designer, prototyper, and technologist who creates interactive experiences for both digital and physical spaces. Jack Kalish is a new media artist, designer, and software developer living and working in NYC.