A projection-based anaglyph 3D installation.

I create a variety of digitally-mediated art – including single-channel stereoscopic, and site-specific video, stereoscopic photography, and interactive works. Many of these pieces center on the ways in which we locate ourselves, both in our physical surroundings and in the symbolic matrices of our culture, and how we envision and construct the real and imagined worlds that we inhabit.

I employ stereography as a way to investigate the seemingly transparent process of binocular visual perception as a continual act of imagination. I capture and process stereoscopic photographs of people, places, objects, and events, and also create manipulated composite stereo images. I enjoy the paradoxes of a medium that, in contrast to 2D photography, allows for deeper revelation of reality, yet also involves more elaborate artifice.

Maximus Clarke, 2021

Maximus Clarke was born in Texas, and grew up in New Orleans and Miami. He studied English at the University of Florida, and received an MFA in Film from Florida State University. He currently lives and works in Queens, New York, producing stereographic and video works for circulation.