Ray park The Life hologram and broken light bulb

Ray Park

The Life

Holographic Embodiment at the HoloCenter on Governors Island
August 31 – October 27, 2019

Ray Park, The Life, 2015
Cylindrical hologram, broken light bulb and and LED , 3 x 13 x 27 (cm)

Ray Park is one of the leading artists in the new wave of Korean holographic art. Picking up the medium at the Korea National University of Arts in 1999 with Professor Juyong Lee, Park was attracted to the possibility of “formative” light.

In 2003 Park met Japanese artist Setsuko Ishii who creatively inspired him to pursue holography as his main art form. His first solo exhibition called “reinterpretation of the light” in the winter of 2008 marked the beginning of his own kind of holographic work modeling light as formative art elements into holographic works.

His studies and experiments with digital holograms were developed into a master’s degree with thesis research on ‘3D hologram for American Sign Language using look-up table’ in 2010, from Kwangwoon University 3DRC (3D Display Research Center).

Since 2008 Park has been working on his own kind of cylindrical hologram design. After four years of experimenting and developments, Ray Park had the chance to participate in an exhibition at MIT Museum in 2014 with his first cylindrical hologram called ‘Green apple on small plate’.  In 2011, Ray Park co-published the book ‘Holography Techniques and Applications’ with Professor SY. Lee from Kwangwoon University. Ray Park received a Holographic Art Grant in 2018 and produced a series of vases with embedded with holograms .