Ray Park artist in his holography studio

Ray Park

People don’t see the world of the soul well. We don’t know much about it
because that world is like the invisible world of the wave. Since our souls
live there, the imagery of that world and the forms are eternal. Nothing
disappears or dies. It is like looking at the hologram. I want to show the
imagery and forms of these worlds through a window of holographic film. I want to show that there is a dark hell, a world of purgatory and a world of beautiful and eternal heaven that are invisible to our eyes.’

Ray Park, 2019

Ray Park explores light and spirituality using various media, especially
holography. He is working on making the world of the soul visible
through hologram windows.

Ray Park has exhibited widely in South Korea including solo exhibitions
at 175 Gallery and Seoul City Hall. He was invited to the MIT Museum
exhibition ‘The Jeweled Net: Views of Contemporary Holography’ in
2012 and has participated in four group exhibitions with the HoloCenter
in New York.

Ray Park majored in Visual Arts at Korea National University of Arts and
then joined the Graduate School of Technology, Kwangwoon University,
Seoul. Learning holography with both an artistic and engineering
perspective he is an innovator of unique art holograms. Ray Park
developed his own style of cylindrical holography and is now creating
functional vases with holographic light fields.