This artwork was created with a Holographic Art Grant from the Hologram Foundation. It has been shown in the touring exhibition IRIDESCENCE in 2019

A series of three functional glass vases
embedded with transmission holograms
4” x 4” base, 16” tall. Editions of 2

When was the beginning of the world? Astrophysicists say the universe is
about 11 billion years old. Although the age is not very certain, the world
was created from “nothing” by invisible waves, and then the visible world
that we see through our eyes was created by the visible waves. Light is a
wave. Because of the light, we can see the world. Holography is made of
light. One of the elements of light is the wave, and when the two waves
interfere with each other, the hologram is made. The space and time from
the moment of two waves interfering are recorded together and left on
holographic films. If so, the images of the beginning of the world that
interference patterns left may be still hovering.

The spectrum of visible light in the clear glass vase contains the image of
the beginning of the world. Light is invisible and is reflected in creation.
That is why our eyes can see all shapes and colors. The sky and the sun,
the sky and the forest, the sea and land, the wind and rain, everything
about nature is shown in the colors of light. If you move up and down in
front of the glass vase, you can see a variety of colors of light mixed into
different colors.

Ray Park, 2019