Barak Chamo Subjective Structures optical scultpure

Barak Chamo


Barak Chamo is a new media artist whose work explores how meaningful connection –with others, nature and self– can be evoked and fostered living in a globalized modern society and the age of technological acceleration. Working across video, light and kinetic sculpture and other digital mediums, Chamo uses technology as a medium for self-expression and critical reflection. His work is inspired by emerging media as well as cultural and natural heritage, and seeks a balance and symbiosis between the modern and traditional, the human experience and its digital manifestation.

Barak Chamo’s work has been shown in galleries and festivals in the US and Europe, including the Ravenna Museum of Modern Art, Wavelength Shanghai, InLight and various shows in New York City. He is a former resident at Lightbox NYC, IDEALab and the Time Inc. Timewave XR Lab. He is a graduate at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.