Shanghai by BarakChamo

Barak Chamo

Light Paintings

LIGHT WINDOWS in Chashama’s Space to Present
at 320 W 23rd St, New York, 10011
May 1 – 20, 2020 – View through windows at anytime

The light painting series, originated with the aim of capturing and distilling awe-inspiring moments of everyday life, which I captured on camera. I wanted to develop a medium that will convey not the details of time and place but the emotional, subjective qualities of an experience, inspired by the impressionist movement, particularly the works of Monet and Rembrandt. Using low-resolution video projected upon stretched cloth by a sparse LED matrix, I attempted to create a canvas for digital impressionism, a kind of display that sacrifices visual fidelity in favor of enhancing qualities of speed, tonality, movement and brightness.