Steve Pavlovsky giving a Light Light Lab workshop at the HoloCenter on Governors Island

Steve Pavlovsky

Liquid Light Lab is the work of Steve Pavlovsky, a multi-dimensional light artist from New York City. A majority of his work utilizes liquid projection, experimental media, and hand-made organic elements first seen in 1960s psychedelic light shows. Following on the visual music traditions of Wassily Kandinsky, Thomas Wilfred, and The Joshua Light Show, Pavlovsky invokes the Spiritual and Sublime. Building upon an analog relationship to light and time, Pavlovsky has created Liquid Light Lab, a living, breathing, visual expression of music, nature, and the human spirit.

Past collaborations have included work with members of Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead, The New York Public Library, HBO, Serpentine Galleries, Nature, and CUNY’s Advance Science Research Center. Concurrent with live performance and installation, Liquid Light Lab is also a vehicle for public information about light shows, and provides tools and guidance to other artists around the world.