Steve Pavlovsky


October 17 – November 17, 2019
The Plaxall Gallery, Long Island City, New York

A collaboration between the living and the dead. ANALOG GHOSTS resurrects the slide collection of the late light show artist Bob Lewis, who entrusted the entirety of his light show to fellow artist Steve Pavlovsky, shortly before his passing in 2018.  Composed is a kinetic light sculpture using 6 Kodak carousel projectors, mechanical color wheels, optical modulation, and Bob’s slides.  The piece invokes symbols of Mysticism, religious iconography, primitive art, classical art, magic, space exploration, technology, sci-fi, Rock and Roll, and 1970s erotica. 480 slides are sampled in the composition, including several rare 50 year, old hand painted 2”x2” Kodaliths, originating from England.

Liquid Light Lab is the work of Steve Pavlovsky, a multi-dimensional light artist from New York City. A majority of his work utilizes liquid projection, experimental media, and hand-made organic elements first seen in 1960s psychedelic light shows. Following on the visual music traditions of Wassily Kandinsky, Thomas Wilfred, and The Joshua Light Show, Pavlovsky invokes the Spiritual and Sublime. Building upon an analog relationship to light and time, Pavlovsky has created Liquid Light Lab, a living, breathing, visual expression of music, nature, and the human spirit.