Windowpane Tranquility by Steve Pavlovsky Liquid Light Lab Analog Liquid Light Show at the cell

Steve Pavlovsky

Windowpane Tranquility

LIGHT WINDOWS at Nancy Manocherian’s the cell
338 W 23rd St New York, NY 10011

“Artist Interview” Live Stream May 23, 9-10pm EDT

Recording of “Liquidverse” Live Stream, on the International Day of Light a collaboration between Steve Pavlovsky aka Liquid Light Lab and composer Ricardo Romaneiro featuring Hannah Sumner (vocals), Adam Maalouf (hang drum), Jacqui Kerrod (electric harp), Justin Abrams (cello), and Noision Sharma (analog synth).

Windowpane Tranquility is a meditation on the slower, calmer pace of life that Quarantine has brought us. It is bright and fun, but also meant to give the viewer repose as they gradually begin to venture back out into the world.

Steve Pavlovsky, 2020