Betsy Connors LIGHT LEAVES hologram

Betsy Connors

Betsy Connors creates artworks that bridge the form of technology with nature as content. Inspired by a concern for the environment, she often depicts images from nature as holographic installations. Her installations sometimes include computer controlled mechanisms or robotics to alter the lighting or motion in a subtle way.

Connors has exhibited throughout the world and has won numerous major awards and fellowships during her career. She created the permanent hologram installation Light Pond and the secret garden (2015) for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Her solo exhibitions include Light Forest: The Holographic Rainforest, at MIT Museum (1996) and Virtual Landscapes (2005) at the HoloCenter on Court Square, Long Island City. Her work is in collections in Japan, Washington D.C., New York City, and Boston.

Betsy Connors is an artist and educator associated with the cutting edge research and experimentation in light and holography that grew out of MIT’s Spatial Imaging Group. At MIT she lectured at the Media Lab (1990–2006) after graduating with a Master of Science degree in 1986. Connors was also MIT Museum’s first Curator of Holography. She founded her own lab and studio, ACME Holography, in the Boston area where she currently works.